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simple planting at its best

In Scottish Highlands, black moss thrives in silver grey mottled stone crevice – right plant right place

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Pretty wall climbing plants

Climbing Mediterranean flowers – residue of suckers delicate on plaster wall

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Planted front garden south london

Creative and comical way of excluding visitors…

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Petworth, West Sussex


West Sussex homeowners elect to block view of South Downs with leylandii

Gauzy veil of silver birches

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Gauzy veil of silver birches coming into leaf on West Sussex downs – soon to become denseIMG_4073 dappled shade


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NS – Streatham Family Garden – March 2017

I used Henrietta Gentilli Garden Design to completely redo our garden a year ago and am very happy to recommend her. She worked closely with me to create exactly what i wanted for our small family space (i researched a lot ahead of time so knew what i liked) and was really helpful in deciding on how large the decking are should be, where the shed should go, and having a vision of how the garden would look once complete. After the builders we had in previously, it was so refreshing to use Henrietta. She and her team were professional, patient with the children, and so nice to have around, approaching the project with good humour and enthusiasm whatever the weather!


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west dean walled garden w sussexbare bones of espalier pears in walled garden West Dean, W Sussex100m Peto pergola West Dean, W Sussex



Long Harold Peto Pergola at
nearly 100m length with wisteria 
ready for bursting in couple
of months....

Espalier pears on a tripod
blossom soon and fruit in 

Potting shed and winter structure
muted monotones...


Early spring – plants, pears, pergolas about to burst!

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Close up of brave aconites emerging with snowdrops nearby in bitter cold of late February morning.

The walled garden here at West Dean is all about structure and monotone colours beyond the green. Pear and apple trees are trained espaliers against walls and in pyramids – awaiting blossom in April and fruit in September.  West Dean Gardens boasts one of the longest pergolas in the country at 100m long – by June it will be engulfed with purple wisteria.

aconites emerging