wandsworth planted drives


wandsworth planted drives

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battersea planted front drive evergreen planting battersea planted front drive, welcoming front porch

Wandsworth garden

This Wandsworth front drive uses smart black limestone which offsets the pleached hornbeam, yew hedging and front door vine.  Clipped evergreens such as yew and box give all year structure. Also seasonal perennials give colour, scent and movement. Pleached hornbeam is an effective way of creating high level screening without causing much shade. Planted plaster pedestals frame the front door entrance.

Wandsworth Common Battersea traditional gated front drive and garden Battersea Wandsworth Common planted gravel drive seasonal change

Wandsworth Common garden

This large drive allows for four cars and careful planning makes for easy access and turning. Also thought was given to comfortable pedestrian access. Plants form four levels of planting. So ground cover, standard evergreens, small ornamental trees and mature trees provide this front drive with abundant natural forms. While gravel is soft on the eye, is also has textural qualities. Most clients like its crunching sound underfoot.


Battersea Earlsfield formal front garden billowing roses Battersea Balham planted front drive exuberant flowers

Battersea gardens

These two Battersea front drives show careful planning of space. This allows for easy movement. Soft white and green planting enhance the hardscaping. White camelias and repeat roses compliment the box edging. White chippings provide linear and textural detail. Also sundials and pots act as focal points. Both designs sit comfortably against Victorian and Edwardian architecture and within the immediate environment.