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Initial visit and brief

Feedback from you on site would lead to an initial idea of the landscape design project. A written brief follows for us to develop the concept plan.


An ‘in-house’ full survey and site analysis is carried out.  Time spent at this stage gives a very clear understanding not only of dimensions, but also of the physical characteristics, views, scents, sounds and atmosphere of the garden.

Concept plan

The survey and brief directly contribute to a concept plan as a scaled drawing. This is open to feedback and may include one or two options with mood boards to help visualise ideas. Revisions may follow before the master plan is drawn up.

Master plan and tender

This plan is fully detailed and forms the basis for contractor quotations. Plant plans also support the master plan. We provide construction drawings and specifications where needed.

Garden construction

We offer full or part monitoring of the construction process. Your preference and the complexity of the project will shape the frequency of visits.

Construction can happen in more than one stage. You can choose your own contractors or employ a team which the practise recommends and know well.


Henrietta prides herself in supplying plants from the most reputable sources at realistic prices.  We can attend site for positioning and oversee planting. This process can be done in one or more phases.


Some clients value a maintenance schedule by a suggested team to oversee the ongoing development of the garden.

Henrietta keeps in touch with clients for advice and is always interested in the garden’s development .

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